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Globalisation of course...

What are your thoughts on this essay then? Once again I can't quite seem to tackle it: I've started my plan but it's so difficult to approach.

What has been the impact of globalisation on the UK's political system? 

I guess you start by defining globalisation: increased interconnectivity etc.

And then in what ways could this have impacted on the political system. All I've really got for that is
-increased membership of international organisations which have an effect on the system because they affect:
-economic sovereignty (e.g. the EU)
-the ability of the govt to make autonomous political decisions (all of the orgs, because of need to obey international law etc.)
-practically the workings of govt have had to change as globalisation has increased, e.g. european ministers.

But I know there should be more on the above. (is it a short or long answer?)

And then, I guess maybe we should question taking the concept of globalisation at face value, but I don't quite know how that works.

That's what I've got so far, tell me your thoughts?  

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