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yay more political forums. albs and rosy, you know me, other person- word up.

oh should i intro with a topic? whats our feeling on Britains right to rebate? have to admit i've pretty shallow knowledge on this one so desperatly looking for people to help me understand it. so far i've got
a) its our defence against CAP
b) CAP is shite and should be reformed
C) nobody else gets money back so why should we?
d) places like holland (?) are much bigger tax contributers so why should we get it?
e) were far richer than some other places (ie eastern europe) so why do we deserve more money?

course this doesn't help the fact im at a loss as to the terms of either. that is the CAP or the rebate

anyway, come discuss, teach etc dudes

(ps albs should i repaste my raving afghan/opium bitch here?)
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